The Surly Bonds of Earthworms (2009)

A lunar gravity simulator for Lumbricus terrestris. For a brief moment, a worm feels what it would be like to not be an earthworm, bound to the dirt by destiny, but instead a spaceworm, freed from those surly bonds.

Worm getting into spacesuit, preparing to have
		      its mettle tested in a lunar gravity simulator
		      for earthworms.  Mechatronic art by artist, Ian

Part of a small space program intended to help non-human species enter the space race.

Worm exiting spacesuit, no longer simply an
		      earthworm but indeed a spaceworm, having gone
		      where no worm had gone before. Mechatronic art
		      by artist, Ian Ingram.

Assistant: Vidur Murali

Videography/editing: Michael Pisano

Thanks to Jocelyn Horner

Supported in part by The Sprout Fund.