Longing Evans (2018)

Elongate Evans with a Long Evans rat.  Animal
		    robot artwork by artist Ian Ingram.

Long Evans rats live in labs. Might they nonetheless have some deep memory of the ancestral landscape of their species' original homes on river banks in northern China? A memory in the sense of a body's and a mind's innate readiness for a particular kind of place. Might their feral kin living in our built environment find within our structures facimiles of those habitats?

Perhaps this Long Evans rat is dreaming of that ancient, unknown home where its ancestors scurried and scampered, while its robot companion, Elongate Evans, dreams of someday becoming a real live rat with a burrow of its own.

Thanks to: Steve Mahler and David Familian

Supported in part by a residency at the Beall Center for Art + Technology