Pigeon Princess (2022)

The robot Pidgin Smidgen having a fabulous
      	              frolic with a Victoria crowned pigeon at the ARTIS
      	              Royal Zoo in Amsterdam. Animal robot art by Ian
      	              artist Ingram.

In Pigeon Princess, Pidgin Smidgen travelled to the Amsterdam ARTIS Royal Zoo and became an intermediary for the Victoria crowned pigeon—pigeon royalty—living in the zoo's tropical aviary and the commoners, the feral pigeons that visit the zoo's courtyards and promenades as subjects and admirers of royals visit Buckingham Palace or Koninklijk Paleis.

A robotic perception system in the aviary observed the pigeon prince, attempted to interpret his signals and then sent those to the robot that responsively executed street pigeon mating dances to try to find for him a pigeon Cinderella from the streets of the city.

Thanks to: Theun Karelse, Alice Smits

One of a series of projects about pigeons, the built, the grown and the body supported in part by a residencies with Machine Wilderness at Zone2Source and ARTIS Royal Zoo.